Safety Event Analysis Overview

Safety event reports should serve as a primary indicator of system safety within an organization.  Event reports offer a first-hand account of the factors present in an adverse safety event. The potential for meaningfully impacting an organization's safety is often limited by either the reporting mechanism or organization's analysis techniques.

Fort Hill Group has extensive experience in analyzing large sets of safety event reports in order to identify causal factor trends and mitigation strategies. Our team has experience conducting causal factor analyses in many domains including air traffic control, aviation, entertainment, health care, mining, and surface transportation.

Research Products

  • Prioritized listing of human performance risks

  • Mitigation strategies targeted at top human performance risks

  • Human and organizational performance process models

  • Safety-related research, design, & training requirements

Tools & Methods

  • Accident/Incident Causal Factor Analysis

  • Human & Organizational Performance Taxonomy Development

  • Development of Safety Event Reporting Forms

  • Human Factors Analysis and Classification System - HFACS