Operational Risk Identification Overview

Understanding the risks present in any operation should serve as the starting point for preventing adverse safety events. Reviewing operational data and safety event reporting systems provides actionable insight into the current and emerging risks in a system.

Fort Hill Group has extensive experience in all aspects of identifying human performance risks including developing human and organizational performance taxonomies, developing and testing safety event reporting systems, identification of errors and contributing causal factors. Our approach emphasizes the use of prominent error pathways and associations between contextual factors and errors to develop  mitigation strategies that will have the greatest positive impact on system safety.

Work Products

  • Identification of Systemic Risk Pathways

  • Key Causal Factor Assessment

  • Human and Organizational Performance Process Models

  • Safety-Related Research, Design, & Training Requirements

Tools & Methods

  • Human Factors Analysis and Classification System - HFACS

  • System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes - STAMP

  • Systemic Risk Pathway Identification

  • Narrative-Based Safety Report Assessment