Proactive Risk Assessment Overview

The implementation of any new system, procedure, or capability offers the potential to introduce unintended human performance and system risks.  Identifying and mitigating those risks before they are introduced into a system is a critical step to reducing the time and costs associated with development, testing, and implementation,  while also improving system safety.

Fort Hill Group utilizes a comprehensive and systematic approach to identify potential human performance hazards, trace the effects and consequences of the hazards, and generate targeted mitigation strategies. Our team has conducted a variety of proactive human hazard analyses that resulted in design, research, and training requirements.

Work Products

  • Prioritized listing of human performance risks
  • Mitigation strategies targeted at top human performance risks
  • Human and organizational performance process models
  • Safety-related research, design, & training requirements

Tools & Methods

  • Human Error Safety Risk Assessment - HESRA
  • System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes - STAMP
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Human Reliability Assessment