Human performance is the driving force behind safe, efficient, and profitable operations


Typical Aviation Projects

  • ASAP Report Asessment
  • New Procedures Implementation Support
  • Development of Risk Assessment Processes
  • Independent Human Factors Investigations
  • Human Error Reduction
  • Evaluation of New Technology
  • Job & Task Analysis
  • Maintenance Event Evaluation
  • Assessment of Design Alternatives
  • Training Evaluation
  • Fatigue Program Evaluation

Understand, Evaluate, Improve

Fort Hill Group is an independent aviation consulting firm equipped to help your organization better understand, evaluate, and improve human performance. 

Our unique approach combines in-depth knowledge of commercial aviation with expertise in human factors, systems engineering, safety, and data analytics to provide actionable insights and measurable improvements. 

We work directly with our clients to reduce human error, improve human performance, and develop repeatable, consistent risk assessment processes.

Trusted on Complex Problems Across the Aviation Industry


Advanced Analysis & Training Solutions

Human Factors Assessments

Fort Hill Group applies industry-leading techniques and tools to define, measure, analyze, and improve human performance across all aspects of aviation.

  • Human Error Analysis
  • Observational Assessment
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Usability Assessments
  • Procedure & Task Analysis

Interactive Analytics

Our team can develop interactive tools that enable analysts and decision-makers to quickly process millions of data elements to provide a real-time operational safety picture.

  • Safety Intelligence Dashboards
  • FOQA Visualizaitons
  • Human Performance Metrics
  • Interactive Risk Profiles
  • Risk Monitoring Criteria

Safety Analysis

Fort Hill Group provides independent safety analysis to help your organization better understand and manage your organization's emerging risks, trends, and hazards.

  • Voluntary Safety Report Analysis - ASAP
  • Risk Factor Taxonomy Development
  • Safety Culture Assessment
  • Safety Department Review
  • Procedure Review

Training & Workshops

Interactive training courses and directed workshops can improve an organization's safety culture and better equip the organization to analyze and prevent adverse safety events.

  • Human Factors for Operations
  • Advanced Human Error Analysis
  • Safety Culture Assessment & Improvement
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Human Performance Assessment Techniques

An Integrated Approach

Fort Hill Group was founded in 2011 to help clients identify and manage the risks associated with human performance in complex systems. Our team applies a cross-disciplinary approach that combines advanced research techniques with aviation expertise to maximize operational impact.

Human Factors Experts

Ph.D. and Master's level researchers with extensive experience applying human factors principles to understand and improve human performance in aviation.

Interactive Development Team

Our in-house interactive team builds and manages our interactive dashboards, training programs, and web-based tools.

Aviation Experts

Experienced Subject Matter Experts representing Commercial Aviation, General Aviation, En Route Air Traffic Control, and Terminal Air Traffic Control.

Safety Analysts

Our team of analysts helps organizations maximize the efficient use of safety data and empowers analysts to target risk mitigations at areas of greatest need.

More About Fort Hill Group 

Internationally Recognized Work

Our team has published over 50 technical reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, and international conference presentations since our inception in 2011.

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Working with Fort Hill Group

Fort Hill Group can help you better utilize your human performance and safety data to make data-driven decisions. Since our founding in 2011 we have been trusted by leading aviation organizations on complex projects. 

Fort Hill Group is headquartered in Washington, DC. Our team members’ work with clients across the globe to help them better utilize human performance and safety data to make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

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