International Symposium of Aviation Psychology

Fort Hill Group was excited to participate in the 18th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology (ISAP). The meeting was held May 4-7 in Dayton, Ohio.  In addition to attending the symposium, Fort Hill Group presented five papers at the conference:

Behind the Scenes of the NAS: Human Factors Taxonomy for Investigating Service Integrity Events. - Berry, Sawyer, & Hinson

Impact of NextGen on National Aisrpace Actors - Krokos, Sawyer, & Berry

Developing Quantitative Air Traffic Risk-Benefit Pathways for Class D Airports: Improving Small Tower Operations - Berry, Sawyer, & Hinson

Assessing Potential Human Performance Safety Impacts Associated With Integrating Multiple Time-Based Flow Management Concepts - Sawyer, Berry, Liskey, & Rohde

Planning for the Future: Human Factors Human Factors in NextGen Air Traffic Management -  Austrian, Berry, & Sawyer

A full list of Fort Hill Group conference papers, book chapters, and journal artciles is available on our Publications page. 

International Symposium of Aviation Psychology 2015

International Symposium of Aviation Psychology 2015